Shvas (Sanskrit for 'breath')

Everything starts from your breath

A body in pain will not feel much more than pain.   Shvas, that means ‘breath’ in sanskrit, is the key of everything. Master your breath to master  your mind,    aligning  mind and body through holistic fitness.

What is a body identity?
 Which is your purpose?
 When are you?

A team made of souls


Anuj Vats

The Architect
Curious seeker from childhood, yoga and martial arts teacher, covering a wide spectrum of disciplines based on movement, including calisthenics and parkour. He's simply "The Architect".

Svetlana Tmavaa

Event Manager
Travelling as a lifestyle, organizing events and curating public relations from around the world, expanding Shvas network on the field.

Nazim Saifi

Head Coach
Dreamer since his first carpentry experience, taught that real life is all about to be present. Now tireless manager of all the gyms, taking care of all the fitness family in Delhi.

Nishant Arora

Gym Manager
Martial arts was the gate to meditation, reaching metamorphosis through body and spiritual change. Today is proudly manager of the gyms network.

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